Harrison Blake Apparel is a monthly subscription box service that offers men’s fashion accessories.   Harrison Blake has been open since 2014.  They send one necktie and 4 other accessories, all color coordinated for a grand total of $25 per month!  Shipping is free and you can cancel whenever.

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This month included some beautiful browns and dark blues.  I wanted to do an unboxing for this, but I was too excited!  Andy wears ties most days of the week.  If he is going to the courthouse or meeting with clients, he has his tie on.  Andy loves his ties and socks.  We celebrated Christmas at my mom’s house last weekend.  Andy came home with about 5 or 6 awesome pairs of socks!  He loves fun socks.



We received a beautiful light brown with white polka dots tie.  It is a Harrison Blake brand.  The moment Andy and I opened the package, he was SO happy!  He doesn’t have any brown ties, so he was thrilled with a new color!  He wore it to the courthouse yesterday and was excited to have a new tie in the rotation.  Andy is the kind of person that hates the idea of going tie shopping.  He will put off tie shopping until he has to.  Having a subscription box once a month with a new tie included will not only be a great investment, but will save the hassle of going to the store and stressing out over which tie he should buy.



As I mentioned, Andy loves socks; he rarely wears black socks.  He was also excited to find the brown and khaki socks in the box!  Socks are another thing that Andy will wear until they get holes in the heels.  Andy wore the socks yesterday to the courthouse.  As I was getting ready to prepare everything to take pictures and do this blog review, I noticed that I couldn’t find the socks!  Guess who fell asleep with the socks on!!!!  His feet stayed warm last night, for sure!  I had to throw them in the wash so I could take pictures with clean socks.
The socks are not thick socks.  They are on the thinner side but it looks like they should last for a while.  (You don’t want to wear thick socks with your business shoes during the Texas winter.  Your feet will get too hot.  This is where thinner socks come in.)




We also received a beautiful khaki/brown and dark blue pocket square, a bracelet with wood beads, and a khaki/brown and white lapel pin.  I can almost guarantee you that Andy won’t wear the bracelet, but I will definitely wear it!  It smells like aftershave or something along those lines.  It smells fresh.  I have also never seen Andy wear a lapel pin or a pocket square aside from weddings that we have attended.  I might be able to convince him to get all dressed up for something and use these accessories.  The white threading on the pocket square is so sharp.  The blue is really nice, too.  I think with a little steam, the lapel pin will be ready to go!!!

I will tell you this:  This would be AWESOME to get your groomsmen if they match your wedding colors!  Socks aren’t guaranteed each month, but all of the photos I have seen of the past boxes include a tie and a pocket square.  I absolutely love the fact that this box will provide socks and ties each month.  If you wear business socks and ties most days, I recommend you try this box out.

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You can purchase individual items or even old boxes!

Kate’s Review did receive this subscription box complimentary in exchange for an honest review.  Don’t worry, though!  All opinions are honest!