The other day I received a coupon from Influenster to sample some products.  They sent most of the products in a box, but for two of the products they sent free coupons to pick them up at the grocery store because they were cold products.   I went to the store and redeemed my Country Crock coupon.  I remember growing up and seeing Country Crock everywhere.  It has always been around; actually it has been around since 1945.  It changed companies a few times and as of July 2015, its parent company decided to take out all of the preservatives and artificial flavors in hopes of making it healthier.


What is the difference between margarine and spread?  According to the FAQ section on Country Crock’s webpage, “Margarine must contain at least 80% fat. Any product containing less than 80% – like Country Crock® – is called a spread.”  (Butter is similar to margarine but uses a different source of fat.  Check out this page to read more about the differences of butter/spreads and margarine.)

We are not a big butter or spread household.  We honestly use A LOT of olive oil and coconut oil.  I am not afraid of using butter.  I remember growing up and eating buttered bread with my spaghetti.  I still like to eat my spaghetti that way if possible.

When it came time to make dinner the other night, I remembered that I had the coupon for Country Crock.  I ran to my local HEB and picked up some butter.  We currently have a different brand of butter, one that is just as good as Country Crock, in the refrigerator.  The issue with the other brand is that it isn’t soft after being in the cold fridge.  That makes it hard to spread on my bread.

Back story:  Andy LOVES cooking.  He actually thought about going to culinary school instead of law school.  When he is having a hard day at work, he will stop by the grocery store (almost every day after work) to pick up some fresh meat and veggies and cook up a delicious meal.  He will be stuck on a meal for about a week or two before he perfects it JUST right.  He will make sushi, fajitas, his current is stuffed peppers, and my favorite meal he does is a flat enchilada plate.  It never fails:  EVERY SINGLE TIME I cook, he always tells me that he is going to stop cooking so I can cook dinner every night.  I am a good cook.  The difference between the two of us is that he LOVES recipes.  I LOVE cooking by just throwing a little bit of this and a little bit of that in there.  Here are some previous meals Andy has made in the last couple months.  The second one was our Thanksgiving meal.

So Andy came home the other night to me cooking up my cream of celery soup (that I did kind of use my recipe for) and a fancy grilled cheese sandwich, which I changed up the recipe a tad.  The cream of celery and the sandwich were both delicious!  I didn’t realize it when I was shopping and preparing, but they both called for butter!  I instantly grabbed my Country Crock and went to town!  Everything turned out perfect.  It tasted delicious and went on smooth.


Thank you to Influenster and Country Crock for sending me some samples and the coupon for a FREE Country Crock tub!  Want to review some stuff?  Go to to sign up!

Also, thanks to Stacy Jordan for sending me the recipe for the grilled cheese!  Yum!   We made them again but with some deli ham!!

What is your favorite recipe to use with butter?  Is there a specific type of butter that you like to use the most?