Hello!  Welcome to my first post!  I am so excited to finally tell y’all what I think about the razors that I have been reviewing!  I am so excited that I have found some new awesome companies that each have great selling points for everyone.

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(Left to right) Venus, DSC, HLC, Harry’s

Gillette Venus1
I have used Gillette Venus for as long as I can remember.  When I am in a rush to shave my legs because we have to leave for an event in 20 minutes, I know that I can do a super quick shave and I won’t get any nicks or cuts.  I always gave up on trying to get those darned thin hairs on my knees and figured they were just too fine to get.  One cartridge will last me months.  Seriously.  They tend to dull out very slow for me.  The handle is a blue/purple with white rubber. Maybe it is because the handle is so old, but I feel like between the weightlessness and the old rubber, it can be hard to keep the handle where you want it in your hand.  To pop the cartridge off, you push the button and it will slide off.

They are sold at my local HEB and on HEB in a pack of 4 3-blade cartridges for $12.84.  Not counting gas, time, or taxes, that ends up being $3.21 per cartridge.  That also does not include the handle.  You must buy the handle in a kit before you can just buy the cartridges.

Happy Legs Club
This is a subscription shaving company that I found through my research to find the best shaving kit/blade.  They are geared towards females, as are the Venus blades.  I personally do like that my handle is pink.  Does the pink make a difference in how the product performs?  Not at all.  But it makes my legs and my heart happy!  I especially like this handle because of how heavy it is.  To pop the cartridge off, you will press your thumb on this ridged semicircle and it will slide off.  It does take a little bit of pressure.  HLC was the best when it came to getting my fine knee hairs.  I’ve never felt my knees so smooth!

In order to purchase from Happy Legs Club, you must go to Happy Legs Club.  I ordered the HeyHey!, which has five stainless steel blades and bikini blade on the end.  Your first kit will include a handle and depending on which blades you choose will depend on which handle you receive.  I personally don’t know what the other handles and blades are like, just the products I received.   For $8.00 a month, you receive a cartridge that includes five stainless steel blades and bikini blade.  They ship in two-month increments and shipping is free.  I received six cartridges for my first two months.  You will receive your products in a box that makes you feel like you are being celebrated!  BEFORE YOU ORDER, CHECK THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST!

Dollar Shave Club
I felt like I had to do DSC since it is a big name in the shaving subscription game.  I’m happy I did.  The handle is comparable to my HLC handle with weight.  The handle is a silver (stainless steel?) with gray and blue rubber grips.  It weighs approximately the same as my Happy Legs Club handle.  This razor also includes a trimmer edge.  This also got the fine hairs on my knees.

In order to purchase, go to Dollar Shave Club , watch the video, and check out all of the products that they offer!  I received a free sample of the shave butter (which I haven’t tried yet.)  I ordered the Executive blade.  For $9 every month, you receive four cartridges that each have six stainless steel blades and the trimmer edge.  They don’t charge shipping, either!

I decided to do Harry’s for a few reasons.  One of the reasons is because Andy started using Harry’s about a year or two ago.  He has the orange handle, a sleek plastic.  I don’t know how he likes it, but he still uses it!  That says a lot!  Another reason why I decided to try Harry’s out is because they offer free trial subscriptions.  You just pay $3 for shipping!  Once you need new blades, you just order the blades since you received the handle in the trial box!

For Harry’s, please go to Harry’s.  You do not have to pay shipping if you spend over $10.  Harry’s is a very simple process; they have perfected their blades.  They offer one type of cartridge but they have many products you can add in to your order.  Once you need to order razors, you can get a set of eight for $16.  I do like how my Harry’s came with a nice razor blade cover.  I didn’t receive one like this for any of the other blades.

Kate’s Final Thoughts
I am so happy I tried the different companies.  For the last month or two I have been letting my leg hair grow out so I can get an accurate review of each of the products.  I think Andy is happy that I won’t be waiting so long in between shaves.

I’m torn as to which is my favorite.  As much as I love my Venus, it is nice to have other options.  I know that handle and razor well enough that I can do a super quick shave without any incidents.  For each of the new blades (HLC, DSC, and Harry’s) I did receive 1 nick each on my knees.  I think that is just from being adventurous and crossing boundaries with a blade that I am not comfortable with yet.  Give me a couple more shaves and I’ll be fine with each of them!

I was happy with each of them.  Choosing a favorite is a lot harder than I thought.  I honestly though that I wouldn’t like the three new ones, but I was definitely wrong with that thought!  I was happy with each product!

My favorite out of the four blades has to be Happy Legs Club!  I LOVE the weight of the handle.  I also like that it is a girly color!  I like knowing that this company knows the sensitivity that our bodies need.  Whether you are shaving your legs, arm pits, or bikini line, I know that you will love this product.

Have you used any of these products or any other?  What razor do you use and why?  What do you look for when purchasing new razors?

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**Each product was purchased by me with the exception of Harry’s, which was a free trial which is offered to everybody on their website.**

**This post might contain affiliate links, which means if you purchase something, I might receive compensation.  Don’t worry though…all opinions are always my own!!**